Why Therazyne

We translate our pioneering science from laboratory to patients. We are building one team of individuals with a shared mission and willingness to help with each other and our society.

As pioneering science is the heart of Therazyne, you will enjoy publication and patenting of your development, which is an extra source of happiness beyond positively impacting the lives of people. Working at Therazyne will be beyond a typical job experience. Your ability will grow fast and bigger.

Job opportunities

Therazyne recruits ambitious individuals who communicate effectively, work hard and enjoy start-up environment. The recruitment will be all year around. If you are interested in, please send your resume to e-mail

The followings are job openings;

  • Scientist; protein specialist to join the Protein Sciences group at Therazyne. The primary role will be interfacing with the computational group to express and purify designed proteins.