Byung-Ha Oh, PhD Profile

Byung-Ha OhPhD, Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Therazyne

Prof. Byung-Ha Oh is the founder of Therazyne.

He is a Professor (Jeong Mun-Sul Future Industry/Technology Endowed Professor) of the Department of Biological Sciences at KAIST, Republic of Korea.

He was entitled to start a venture company with full devotion.

He is a renowned scientist in structural biology. With a self-motivation to bring science to creation of therapeutics for unmet needs, he expanded his expertise to protein design and started Therazyne.

*To be appointed, MD, Chief Medical Officer
*To be appointed Chief Financial Officer
As Therzyne grows, the above necessary leaders will be invited who comply with our mission and vision.

Scientific Advisory Board

Myung-Ju Ahn


Prof. Myung-Ju Ahn is a distinguished clinician in Hematology-Oncology, Samsung Medical Center, Republic of Korea. Her main specialty is lung cancers.

Gou Young Koh


Prof. Gou Young Koh is an endowed Professor of KAIST and the founding director of the Institute for Basic Science Center for Vascular Research, Republic of Korea

Jeon Yeob Jang


Prof. Jeon Yeob Jang is a renowned clinician in Ajou University Medical Center, Republic of Korea. His main specialty is head and neck cancers.

Gyun Min Lee


Prof. Gyun Min Lee is a renowned Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences at KAIST, Republic of Korea. He is a leading scientist in therapeutic protein production from CHO cell lines and CHO cell engineering.